Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm baaaack!!

Returned from another trip out to the Las Vegas Institute. Came in on the red eye and I am so paying for it today. I was seated next to the most petrified person! This guy was terrified to fly. The minute we sat down he informed me of his fear and went on to let me know that he may stop breathing during take off. I thought I would be able to close my eyes and just go to sleep, but he was losing it! I spent the five hour flight talking to him and trying to comfort him with distraction. We both made it and I'm really looking forward to getting to bed early tonight!!
We had a great time once again at LVI. This course really brought me back to college days with a lot of science!! We've really made some great friends out there amongst the faculty and other teams that are attending. Everyone's friendly and it's great to catch up with each other on changes.
Sophia is looking forward to the start of 2nd grade on Sept. 5th and Fred is on the mend again! He still has fluid in the lung, but the rib pain is decreasing some and he gets around the house with a cane now. He still needs the walker when he leaves the house, but we're getting there.
Seems that referrals are slowing down again. This month only brought them up to matching through July 22, 2005. It could take them until the end of Sept. or Oct. to get through the rest of July and then we have to wait our turn in August. So, we're still patiently waiting. This just tells us that we will definitely not only have to go through the FBI fingerprints again, but we will also have to renew our immigration paperwork as well as update our homestudy.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well, Fred had really been coming along nicely with some walking each day with the walker and decreased trouble breathing. He saw our GP, the orthopedist, pulmonologist and had x-rays taken twice this week.
The second time they took the x-rays, they laid him flat on his chest and they think that one of the broken ribs displaced some. He had crushing pain and has ever since (that was Thursday). He is doubling up on pain med. and sometimes combining with Ibuprofen. Now, because of the pain, he's not breathing as well as before either. Ugh......!!
He has to have an MRI this week. Please say a prayer that this will be resolved ASAP!
I will be away in Vegas for work from Tues. afternoon until Sat. afternoon. Mom will be staying here at the house.
We want to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts and cards. It's challenging to keep "Charlie" (the cat) from eating the plants (thanks Aunt Kathy!!) and we've definetely been enjoying all of the snacks! Denise & Rich had an awesome dinner and desert (as well as my favorite Rice Crispy treats!) waiting when I got home from work on Thursday evening. We had a great visit.
Fred had a HUGE food basket (pictured) delivered from the "Shawangunk Trail Riders" guys!! They delivered it to our neighbors house~ you had to see me going over there to grab it off of her front step!! It was filled with everything from bottles of Gatorade to Italian cookies!! Thanks guys! You know he's anxious for next season! (rolling eyes!!)
Despite my fears, the pond is thriving under my care! K bought Fred the Japanese lace leaf he wanted for the top of the waterfall for his birthday and our Hibiscus just bloomed!
Love to all!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

He's home!

Well, most of you know that Fred was in a motorcross accident on Sunday, Aug. 6. He was in Hancock, NY at an enduro and came accrossed a section of dirtroad that had washed out and tumbled down into a ravine.
They got him out of the ravine with a rescue six-wheeler and then took him by helicoptor to a trauma center in Binghamton. His pelvis is broken in three places, most of his ribs on the right are broken and his right lung collapsed. They thought that he damaged his aorta, but the cardiac cathreterization showed that everything is fine.
Although the fractures are painful, the collapsed lung proved to be the biggest hurdle! He gave us a BIG scare on Monday night when his breathing became rapid, he turned gray, was in a lot of pain and his blood/oxygen level was dropping quickly. They called the Rapid Response team, grabbed the crash cart, escorted me out (!), took chest x-rays in the room and debated on putting in a chest tube. They forced oxygen and he overcame that episode, but had to remain upright, on a higher level of oxygen and really had to work his two breathing machines hard!! He did awesome in physical therapy and with occupational therapy and came home with all kinds of gadgets to make tasks achievable!
I had to go in to work yesterday, so MaryK and dad McKnight spent the day with him yesterday. K put him through the ringer with his breathing & coughing and they were able to ween his oxygen down all day!! He had them turn it off this morning and he kept his blood/oxygen level up beautifully, so his doctor let him come home!!
So, mom & I made our last trip up this morning to bring him home with his shiny new walker!
Mom & George bought him a really nice recliner for the living room, so we set up shop around him! He took a stroll out onto the deck to look at the pond and a little walk down the front walk and up one house and back and then came in and is now napping!! : )
I took pictures of him in physical therapy in his boxers and fashionable hospital gown, but I think he'd kill me if he sees them posted here!
Love to all!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

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