Saturday, April 29, 2006

Moving along

The latest batch of referrals was sent out this week. They are now matching the people who were registered last June. (We were registered 8/24) Some of the babies that I have read about were between 7-10 months old!
Sophia's birthday weekend was filled with non-stop fun for her! Mom & George took us to Bugaboo Creek for her annual birthday dinner and once again, she kissed the moose!
She had a "Sci-fi Space" birthday party at Ariel's Child and then got to go to Build a Bear (yes, AGAIN!!) the next day. They sent her a birthday gift card for a free round!! She brought home Brown Sugar puppy dressed in Harley Davidson attire!!
Fred has worked night and day on our koi pond and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Aside from adding more plants & koi, mulch and moss, it's done! We put a butterfly koi and a koi imported from Japan in there yesterday and I can watch them swim around from our deck!
His next project is a slate patio for a pergola on the one end of the pond. That may work it's way into next year!!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Great weekend! Busy, busy,

Busy!! The kids are off for spring break. Denise and I had planned on taking the kids out to lunch and to the park, but it rained! We ended up doing lunch and then were off to Build a Bear. They made a chick and bunnies for Easter and had a great time!
Saturday, Aunt K held her annual Easter egg hunt and it was bigger than ever!! They barbecued, then the kids did the egg hunt. Next was dying eggs then adding glitter, then onto origami chicks and decorating foam crosses!! What a fun filled day!
Fred started digging our koi pond on Saturday also. It's quite a project, but it will be so beautiful when he's done!
Easter Sunday was another great day. We had Easter breakfast at the firehouse with mom & George, Fred's family and our neighbors. Later on, Mom and George had dinner here and we celebrated mom's birthday also!
We've gotten the nursery almost finished. Still need to hang shelves, curtains and wooden letters that spell Alena's name, as well as find an area rug, but it's coming along!
More soon.....

Friday, April 07, 2006


Wow! Have I been dragging lately!
I should be able to post some shower pics on this post, was having a hard time with them. I also made myself commit to getting the Thank you's done this weekend!! (told you I have been dragging!)
Soph is really enjoying her new room and we have finally gotten the playroom organized up there also! That was until tonight, when I took her to Toysrus to spend her gift card from Nana & Papa Cooper. (It was burning a hole in her pocket!) She swore up and down that the only thing in the WHOLE store that she wanted, was a MONSTROUS 4 foot tall Barbie and the Magical Pegasus house!! Unbelievable. When we got home and Fred had to come get the box out of the car (I crammed it in there!!), he simply asked "What were you thinking?"!! It is actually working out nicely, you can fit a lot of Barbie horses and Fairytopia stuff in there!!
We are pretty well prepared here for "Miss Alena". Fred has gotten the nursery spackled and almost completely primed. I was supposed to pick out the paint today, but that will get done tomorrow. :) We have changed our (my-ughh) original plan on painting the room, but it will still look very pretty.
Sophia sang with the first and second graders Monday at school at a ribbon cutting ceremony~cute! She is still taking voice lessons, going to Brownies and just signed up for swimming lessons!
I am having major problems with my laptop. HP thinks it may be the hard drive, so they are picking it up Monday for repair. I may be offline for a couple of weeks. :(
Love to all!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

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