Sunday, April 27, 2008

We said goodbye

Well, we said goodbye to our first house this past week. We went crazy to be out a week earlier than planned, as the buyer's needed to move up the date.
As I finished mopping the kitchen floor and then closed the back door, the tears started flowing. I never expected to get that emotional, but it hit me hard.
It was a great house. We had a lot of good times there, no major problems or repairs, a beautiful yard that we worked really hard on and great neighbors.
I can remember the week we moved into that house. One neighbor arrived with homemade cookies, another with baked ziti and another with a laundry basket full of household necessities and food. We were blessed, as the new family will be.
They are wonderful people, that are very excited to be the new owners. They love the house and said they knew the moment they walked through the front door, that it was to be theirs.
We had such a nice time at the closing. It was my first time meeting them and the room was full of lawyers, Realtors and all of us. Everyone laughed, chatted and wrote checks!! They had lots of questions about the pond (Our koi have a new home at Doc's house though. :) ) and I got to tell them the history behind some of the special trees we planted. My favorite blue atlas cedar was purchased on Sophia's first day of kindergarten and our wedding anniversary. We've been invited to stop by at anytime, especially if I'm feeling emotional. Hahaha!
I'm happy that the packing is over for a bit and that people as excited as we were will now be enjoying a little house that has so much character. :)
Love to all,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Backpack...

A certain little someone wants soooo badly to be just like her big sister. Every morning she hears me tell Sophia to get her backpack and of course "Dora" teaches her everyday how great a backpack is. So, she started "stealing" Sophia's backpack. The thing weighs a TON! She would get it on, struggle with all of her might to stand up and then...fall down.
Big sister took pity on her and remembered she had her old Fisher Price backpack in her toybox. Alena cherishes that backpack. She has to put it on before going down to the van, take it off before getting in and then put it right back on to walk into nannies, etc. When we go to get Sophia from school, she wears it. Everyone gets a kick out of that as they wait for their kids to come out. She stands with her hands at her sides holding on the straps!!
We are all moved into mom's house now and are just working on emptying our house out now. Looks like our closing may be the 29th. Mom & George's house went on the market on Thursday and we had a showing here already on Saturday. Hope that is a good sign. The house really looks fantastic. They worked really hard getting it ready to list.
Fred and Sophia went to a father/daughter luau with the Girl Scouts on Thursday. They both looked very cool and had a good time! Fred said I must have bought him the hottest shirt at Walmart because five other dads were wearing the same one!! Hahaha!!
The girls and I are sicker than dogs right now. It started with me on Thursday, Alena caught on yesterday afternoon and Sophia this morning. We all have a wicked cough with chest congestion, fever, aches and just yucky colds. Fred is walking around the house with a surgical mask on. Cracks me the hell up, but does the trick I guess!!
It's finally feeling a little more like spring. We all need to get better so that we can enjoy it!!
With love,

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

- Helen Keller

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