Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation part 2 !!

I have been on vacation for two weeks and it has been the best time ever. We have taken lots of little trips and have had down time in between. Have I mentioned that I want to live by the beach? (all the while we are fighting tooth & nail to build in the wildnerness?!! I'll survive. Haha!!)

We came home from our time in Connecticut and rested for a couple of days, then took the girls to motorcross races at a track that will be behind where we're building the house. It was so fun!

Denise and I took a day to take the kids to a lake an hour from us that we have been hearing about. We got there and the beach was small, but nice. As the kids played, I looked down the lake and there was a HUGE, beautiful beach at the other end!! Turns out there are two entrances. The small beach tends to be used by the people that are camping and the other, by everyone. About 2 hours after arriving, a storm rolled in and they closed the beach. Ugh! We were at least thankful that we figured the place out and plan to return next season. =]

Fred and I had planned a two day get away to the Jersey Shore with our friends Vinny & Kristy a while ago. Well, he had his hand surgery, was out of work for 1 1/2 weeks and had to return the day we all left for the shore. So, I packed the girls up and off we went. We had the greatest time, but we missed daddy. :( Vinny & Kristy were great with the girls. They say they are "practicing". Hehehe...
The beaches were just gorgeous. We spent a day and night in Long Branch, on the beach and then in the shops. The next day we spent walking the boardwalk in Bradley Beach and we played some miniature golf!
Good times and great memories.

New house update: My goodness. WHAT a process. The builder has been attending planning board meetings on our behalf, because we need a variance to build a 2 fam. house in a sub-division. There is one person on the board raising questions. We had to get signed letters from our bordering property neighbors saying they are not opposed and we are on the agenda AGAIN for the end of Aug. meeting. The next step could be a public hearing. I told Fred that it reminds me of the Scarlett Letter or something!! Hahaha!!!
As far as mom & George's house selling, we have had quite a few showings lately. We are countering with one family now and don't know if that will pan out and we have a family coming back tomorrow for a second look. They really loved it when they looked at it a few days ago. We shall see, but please keep us in your prayers. Our next HUGE obstacle could be where the heck we are all going to live if this house sells and obviously the new one will not be ready yet!!

Monday, August 04, 2008


The time has finally come. I am on vacation until the 18th! Wooo hoooo!!
The girls and I are in Connecticut and Fred is joining us this afternoon.
We spent the day at the Niantic Bay yesterday and had the greatest time. It's so beautiful and peaceful there. We walked the boardwalk and took our shoes off and strolled the beach. Mom and Soph collected shells, Alena gathered rocks(!) and I just sat, watched & listened to the tide coming in. Ahhhh.....
Afterwards, we strolled Main St. and checked out the little shops, then headed to Lenny & Joe's to eat, ride the carousel & have some ice cream!
Tomorrow we plan to head to Mystic Seaport for the day!
Hope you're all having a fabulous summer!!!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

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