Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such a slacker...

Hasn't been too much excitement around here.
Alena was pretty sick a few weeks ago with bronchial asthma. Thank goodness for her nebulizer. She's so good about it and it helps her so much. Other than that, she is in potty training boot camp and some days are better than others. She has definitely learned to maximize her time while on the potty...she talks on my Blackberry, watches Noggin or plays Wii, while drinking her milk and sometimes eating. It's quite comical.
Trying to get her registered for preschool in September as well. The school we would really like to send her to, has a waiting list, but we're going to the open house next week and applying anyway and I left messages with two other schools today. She is going to LOVE school!

Sophia had her Odyssey of the Mind event on Saturday. Her team worked so hard and they were fantastic. I was crying my eyes out. LOL The advisors said it was the best any of their teams have ever done. Unfortunately they were up against 20 other teams, which was many more than there have ever been before, so they're not going on to States, but we're so proud of all of them.

Things are finally getting started on the house. We went and reviewed our selections, since it's been about 9 months since we first made our choices!! We did make A LOT of changes. LOL
This week, they dropped off the rebar for the footings and staked some things out. I am just anxious to receive the phone call telling me that there are big machines there making a big mess and then I'll be excited!

This weekend we are going to a tubing party for my nephew Marcus and then the annual "Tea Party" on Sunday! They're having it early this year, so I'm hoping it's not freezing out.

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day and think spring!!!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

- Helen Keller

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