Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Minivan Momma's Club"

Yes, I am the newest member. We went with all intentions of buying the Chrysler Pacifica, but they had an awesome deal going on Dodge Caravans & the Chrysler Town & Country. Couldn't pass it up and I love it. They had to search for one with the options that I wanted, so I requested gold, black or white. They call me with INERNO RED!! For some reason, everyone keeps saying that suits my personality.... : ) .
Besides that, not too much happening here. Alena and I are snowed in. Sophia has been with Aunt Denise, Uncle Rich and the kids having a ball, Fred has been working straight through and Miss Alena and I are just staying indoors waiting to be dug out!
She has started taking a few steps here and there and points at EVERYTHING and says "that" constantly!! She has also started saying "Nana" which of course made my mom, very excited!! We've started getting into all of her 18 mth. clothes, she's quite the fashionista!
We have her evaluation with the speech therapist and physical therapist coming up next Friday. Her primary pediatrician still insists that it is totally not necessary, but since the associate had already talked me into making the apt., we are going through with it and it can't hurt anyway!!
She is such a little stinker, just love her to death. I have never heard such a chuckle on a baby before! (It sounds so devious!!)
Going to try to attend the Corned beef & cabbage dinner here at the firehouse tonight. We'll see how the weather goes!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!
Enjoy the pics:
- Welcome!!
-Aunt Denise & I took Alena to Panera Bread for lunch!
-Momma's new ride!
-Just us girls
-I'm gonna get this kitty!
-Sophia trying to keep Alena out of trouble.
-Alena getting into trouble!!
-Enjoying the ride.
-Soph before school
-It's a good hair day!
Love to all,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Such a monkey!!

That's our girl! She is such a climber! She has now mastered getting out of her walker. She started out by dropping things on the floor, then leaning over and bracing her feet on the cross bars while she picked them up. Then she discovered that while leaning over, she can just slide on out!!
While in bed with me Sunday morning, she climbed up our mountain of pillows, grabbed on the top of the headboard and started dancing. She is such a character.
I was trying to change her into her pajamas Monday night and Sophia had her laughing so hard, she was screeching. It was hysterical!! I finally had to stop them so I could get her to settle down! These girls are a blast.
We've been keeping busy- went to a very nice baby shower for our friend Kate, where Alena learned that she really prefers to ride the back of the walker, while someone (AUNT DENISE!) pushes her!! Cousin Marcus also had a really fun bowling party this past weekend. Sophia and I had a great time bowling while daddy and Alena hung out and socialized.
Fred and I are going car shopping this weekend and I couldn't be more excited!! LOL I need something NEW and with more ROOM!!
Other than that, not too much happening. Sophia's birthday party is planned for next month. She's having a "Magical Fairy" party at the same place she did "Sci-fi Space" last year!! It's hard to believe she's going to be 8. She is such a good girl and the best big sister.

Here are the photos:
-Aunt K & Sophie at the bowling alley
-Bowling is exhausting!
-Nice family photo! LOL
-Alena's process!
-Being chauffeured!
-Her & I at the baby shower
Love and happiness to all!!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

- Helen Keller

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