Sunday, October 22, 2006

Associated Pics!

Yay~ Teresa and I finally meet!! One of my favorite instructors "Jeanie" and I at LVI.
Our office team out to dinner at Bobby Flay's restaurant "Mesa Grill" in Caesar's and of course, Margaritaville!!

Consider yourself forewarned!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how stressful this weekend has been. I've been trying to keep busy and not focus on it but it's making me CRAZY!! I flew back home from Vegas on a red eye Friday night and got about 45 minutes of sleep once I got to the house yesterday morning. My mind was just racing with all of the things I wanted to get done and poor Gracie (our chihuahua) was whining because she knew I was back home!
So, I get up have my coffee and get on the computer to catch up on some things and start to read all of the rumors out there pertaining to the next batch of referrals due to arrive. BIG MISTAKE!! Most of them say that the cutoff date is going to be 8/23 and we are 8/24. Let me tell you~ that did not sit well. Keeping in the back of my mind that it's just a rumor, I continue to read on and others say that their adoption agency has confirmed that some of 8/24 will be included!! Well, what the heck?!! How does that help?!! For some reason, people are expecting some kind of news tomorrow. We were told by our agency not to expect the referrals to arrive until next week or the week after, so we'll see. If your phone rings with a raging lunatic on the other end this week, it's probably me!!
I'm also still waiting for our social worker to return my phone call from a week ago in order to get our home study updated, so that we can renew our immigration paperwork. If we get to go to China within the next century, that needs to be updated!!
On a lighter note, this past week in Vegas was just beautiful. The sky was clear and blue everyday with temps in the 70's and 80's. Did A LOT of walking on the strip and visited Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" a few times!! I also got to meet a great friend "Teresa" (pictured with me) that I had made on an on-line mother's group! She was in Vegas from D.C. for the ADA Dental Convention, so we made plans to meet and had an awesome time!
Our little Miss Sophia has gotten herself "lunch detention" to take place tomorrow. I'm telling you, when I found out, I was in Vegas and I had to laugh. It seems her and her "interest" Andrew, were having a pinching contest during gym class instead of focusing on the days exercise!! Her and Andrew hit it off back in kindergarten and they were reunited this year in second grade. Heaven help us. : )
So, yes we have had a chat about not getting distracted, but I still have to giggle a bit.
I hope that you are all enjoying this beautiful fall season and please say a prayer for a speedy referral and that our baby girl is being very well taken care of while she waits for us. ; )
More to come.... (unless you get that phone call first!!).

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Love the Fall!

I love this time of year. The air is so fresh! Sophia and I are going to work on some fall decorating around here today while I catch up on laundry and my studies from this week. I really got to appreciate the fall foliage while flying home yesterday, it was just beautiful.
I returned home from another week at LVI in Vegas last night. My connecting flight in Philly was delayed and then I went right to our friends' Bobby & Jamie's housewarming party. Good times and a late night!
Loved the Comprehensive Hygiene course I took this week. I got trained in using the laser and loved it (included a pic) ~unfortunately it's not legal for me to use it yet in NY. (I'll be working on that!!)
Fred is slowly getting back into riding. Lord help me! He is really doing great though!! Back to his old self and the kidney stone is resolving itself!! Yay!!
Fred and I have to go into the city this Wed. to have our FBI prints done and I will be contacting our social worker this week also to schedule our Home study update. Crazy I tell ya!!
The next batch of referrals is due in the end of this month or beginning of Nov.. We are soooo hopeful that we will be "meeting" our baby girl this time around!!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

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