Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well, the referrals are in for July and they matched up to July 13th 2005 dossiers. It would have been nice to see them get through the entire month of July so that they would be moving on to August '05 next month, but patience will have to persist!
Enjoyed a nice evening with some friends on Friday. Dave & Laura's new baby "Justin" was here for a visit and what a handsome boy he is!! He even sported his shades for us!
Denise and I took the kids to the movies last night to see Monster House. That was interesting to say the least! Should promote some conversations pertaining to puberty, death and kids playing with explosives!!
Taking Soph today for her passport pics and then I have to work on rescheduling Fred and I for new FBI prints. Ours are due to expire in Sept. and we will obviously not be back from China by then! Hopefully this round will go smoother than last years!
Denise and I are off to Columbus,OH this week for our Longaberger convention. I can't wait!! We will be flying out of Albany.
Next post in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rain!! has rained off and on for three days now. Friday, I couldn't win. I put my bathing suit on twice while it was nice and sunny. By the time I got into the pool each time, it clouded over and started to rain! Fred suggested that I stay inside for the day so that the sun would stay out!!
It's a very quiet day today. Sophia doesn't get back from CT until tonight, it's raining out and all of my cleaning is done!
Jill and I are headed to Pennsylvania this afternoon for an overnighter. We are going to visit another dental office for the day tomorrow. We met Dr. Winans and some of his team while in Vegas and they are a great bunch.
Read a post yesterday that the next batch of referrals is due in next week and it seems that they may include up to July 13th. In that case, I would hope that the second half of July would be matched and referred in August and then we would receive our referral in either September or October depending on the number of dossiers that were registered in August. I'll let you know!
Just found this picture of Sophia and I while cleaning photos out of my computer. It's one of my favorites. Looking forward to having one taken this coming Mother's Day with both of our girls!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Well, the current rumor is that all of the dossiers that were registered in China in July, are going to receive their referrals in July!! That would be GREAT news! IF that is true, then they would start matching August dossiers in August and THAT'S US!!
In about another week, we should get word that referrals are on their way and then we'll know for sure how far into July they actually got!
This summer has been great. Sophia has been camping in Connecticut with Nana & Papa this whole week and loving it! Fred is now on vacation and is working on a retaining wall around the pool and along the side of the pond where we will build a patio.
I have been enjoying some relaxation time in the pool and sitting by the pond.
We had a nice visit with Christine & Joe last night, sitting by the pond with a couple of drinks, listening to the frogs and watching the fish!
I'm getting ready for my annual trip to Ohio with Denise. We will be away during the first week of August. We decided to fly this time, the nine hour drive is wearing on us!! I always look forward to this trip, we have such a great time.
Then it's off to Vegas for round #3 the third week in August. Boy, is it going to be HOT!!
I'll update everyone regarding the referrals once they come in!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

We just got back from a long weekend in Connecticut and had lots of fun! I took Sophia and her friend Nathan to the beach at Rocky Neck for the day on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and the waves were pretty big! We all got lots of color, had fun playing in the sand and then we walked the rocks and caught some crabs.
Yesterday we spent the day at Nature's Art. We went mining for gemstones and then went on a dino dig. That place is the greatest!! They just opened a new huge splashpad on Saturday, so we are looking to go back and do their 1 1/2 mile dinosaur nature walk and splashpad next time!
Busy with laundry now and unwinding for back to work tomorrow!! Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

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